Most podcasts are created as public audience-facing content, but not all podcasts are meant to be shared widely. Some elements that make a podcast effective at building an audience and creating connections work equally well to share information internally and develop a company culture. My guest today, Shannon Martin, is the Director of Communications and Corporate Podcast Specialist for Podbean, a popular podcast host with great services and functionality, specifically for internal company podcasts. That’s what we’re talking about today on the Business Podcast Blueprint.

We’re talking about:

  • What is an internal podcast and what are some of the things you could do with one?
  • Using podcasts as microlearning for company training: “People do learn better just by listening.” 
  • Technical requirements for internal podcasts – there’s the software, but user experience has to be considered as well. 
  • The first questions you should ask yourself (and your leadership team!) when starting an internal podcast.
  • And of course always think about what you would want to listen to.


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