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State of Business Podcasting Report

The State of Business Podcasting Report

Since 2020, One Stone Creative has published an annual research report that does a deep-dive into what the top 100 business podcasts do with their podcasts from show structure, to branding to show structure to social media.


Find out:

How and why to integrate video into your podcasting…

The latest trends in art and branding for top podcasts…

Where a podcast should fit into your website and how it integrates with your other marketing…

How much promotional energy should go to social media…

And so much more.

After you subscribe, you will be prompted to enter your email address a second time to view the data and analysis. 

We analyze over 6000 individual data points to create this report, and distill the results into meaningful, actionable information you can use to develop your podcast.

About the report:

The State of Business Podcasting Report is divided into 6 categories:


  • Cadence and Release, where we look at release types, schedules and reach.
  • Branding, goes into names, show topics, cover and episode art.
  • Show Structure, which looks at podcast purpose within a business, and how it’s formatted.
  • Networks and Sponsers examines monetized and community elements of the shows.
  • Notes and Websites covers the presentation of and written assets for the podcasts.
  • Social Media, where we discover how the top 100 podcasts are promoting their episodes and how.

All with ideas for integrating strategies into your own podcast.

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