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For when podcasting is just part of the job.

Podcast Impact Assessment

Find out if you can create more time, opportunities and profit with your podcast – or if you’re maxed out on all three.

Your podcast should be getting your brand out there, connecting you with other professionals in your industry, and creating content that you can use throughout your business.

And it should be happening without taking up too much of your time and brainspace – you’ve got a business to run.

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And you’ll recieve The Podcast Impact Assessment. It contains 15 statements about what your podcast could or should be doing. These will tell you if you are spending more time and money on their podcast to get less value then you could.

Regularly checking in to make sure you’re getting maximum value for the time and money you’re investing is critical to avoid wasted time, prevent focusing on outcomes that won’t make a bottom line difference in your business, and see the kind of growth you want.

Grab your copy of the Podcast Impact Assessment, and make sure your show is working as hard as possible, so you don’t have to.

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