During a presentation to a group of financial advisory professionals, I asked, ‘Who here has a podcast?’ to which half of the room responded by raising their hand. I then asked, ‘How many of you have a business goal for your podcast?’ and there was not even one. Starting a business podcast without a goal isn’t a foolish mistake. It’s a new industry and most of the content out there doesn’t focus on business realities. You are in a position to make your plans before recording your first episode, and that’s what we’re discussing today on the Business Podcast Blueprint. 

We’re talking about: 

  • Deciding the role of your podcast: “It’s all about aligning what you want to happen with the work that you do.” 
  • The reality of podcasting and the types of business podcasts. 
  • “Podcasts are a natural networking and conversation machine.” 
  • What podcasts can help you achieve in business. 
  • “The best time to start a podcast is ages ago, the second best time is now, and the third best time is when it makes sense for your business.” 


Megan Dougherty | LinkedIn | Twitter | One Stone Creative