One of the things I love most about podcasting is the way you can use it as a vehicle to make connections – something that is very important in the world of business. This week’s guest Tom Fox is my partner-in-crime for our upcoming Podcasting for Business Conference. Tom is hailed as the Voice of Compliance, serving and evangelizing for the compliance community for over 15 years. He is the founder and creator of the Compliance Podcast Network. We talk about the value of podcasts for business, how we came up with the idea for the conference, and where you can learn more about the event.



Tune in to Hear Tom and I explore:

  • The Podfest Global Summit is an amazing event, but it wasn’t easy for our clients to attend because of time, money, and resource constraints. Tom and I figured we could host our own conference, but virtually. We started reaching out to people and before long, we had a great line of speakers to join us in November.
  • A hallmark of the conference is its accessibility. The action-packed, easily digestible presentations are relevant to many parts of your business.
  • Podcasting allows you to use a variety of strategies to get your message out; for example, repurposing content on various platforms.
  • Authenticity is fabulous, and that’s how you’ll find your voice: by being you.
  • Building relationships with guests is one of the benefits of podcasting. If you invite someone to share their story, you will get a response. 


For More Information:

Head to to register or learn more about the conference.



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