This week’s guest, Deirdre Tshien, is the host of the Grow My Show podcast and the CEO and co-founder of Capsho, a revolutionary AI-powered podcast copywriting tool. She is an influential, recognized authority on growing companies and building communities on the internet. In this week’s show, she and I are talking about creating social content, principles of content, and her approach to building an audience. 

Tune in to hear Deirdre and I explore:

  • Capsho is an AI-powered software that makes promoting your own podcast easy, so that hosts can focus on interviewing, networking, and growing. It helps experts create their episode title, description, show notes, social media posts, and promo emails – by just using the audio file.
  • Deirdre doesn’t believe in repurposing content when promoting her shows. She urges creators to look at what works for successful accounts in their field and apply it to their own work. Otherwise known as content hacking.
  • Megan asks Deirdre how she plans her podcast episodes and social content. She explains that she has a virtual assistant, who helps her with content creation, recording and editing, publishing, and content hacking. 
  • What indicates the success of a podcast? Deirdre explains that podcast traffic is a good indicator of success. You have to look at the details of your post itself – its engagement levels and reach. The number of clicks you have on your content is a key performance indicator. 


Question of the Week

Q: What if an interview didn’t go well?

A: Maybe they said some things that you would really not be comfortable airing. Or maybe the discussion just fell flat for any of a dozen possible reasons. Sometimes two people can just fail to have an interesting conversation, despite the best efforts of all. As a podcast host, you’re faced with a decision. Can you air it? Should you? Here are some guidelines to help you make that decision. If the content was just not good, scrap it. Not every episode needs to see the light of day, and it’s your show. You’re responsible for the quality of what goes out there. Explaining that to the guests can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you’re trying to build a relationship with them. If you do want to give the interview another shot, try to have another conversation that’s going to sound better. 



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