Not everyone needs to have a podcast – even those in businesses where it seems like everyone has one, or you find yourself advising others to go for it.  But there is also something to be said for “eating your own dog food” – as stated by today’s guest Mike Ficara. Mike is the host of the Start Down podcast, and author of Like Socks on a Rooster, and he’s join Megan Dougherty on the Business Podcast Blueprint Show to talk about how podcasting works in his business, why he treats social media like a content pillar, and the different ways use uses his show – and his appearances as a guest on other people’s shows, to support his client work and audience building efforts.

We talk about:

  • How podcasts (and books) can dramatically reduce your sales cycle.
  • The three content pillars you need to build authority as a content marketer.
  • When podcasting is leading example.
  • Your podcast is part of your digital legacy.
  • Mike’s totally open guest booking calendar – right there on his podcast page.
  • The value of being a podcast guest – Mike talks about being an extremely regular podcast guest, and how it compares to hosting a show.


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