Starting a new project is always a bit intimidating; transitioning from behind the scenes to behind the mic is no exception. A good tip is to talk to people who are successfully doing what you’re aiming to do. Julie Traxler and Corey Harris are two of those people; they co-founded a consulting firm for small business owners called SB PACE, and host a popular podcast called ‘BizQuik’ along with a weekly live radio show. We’re talking about podcasting as a business, for a business, and what they’ve learned after doing it for years.


  • The unplanned benefits of podcasting.
  • Finding the balance between talking to experts and being the experts. 
  • Hosting a podcast versus hosting a radio show. 
  • Using statistics to better create content. 
  • The importance of vetting guests. 
  • Seeking out guests.


Megan Dougherty | LinkedIn | Twitter | One Stone Creative

Corey Harris & Julie Traxler | SB PACE | LinkedIn | Instagram