In a business where it’s important for people to know, like and trust you to get the job done, a podcast goes a long way. Content that demonstrates your knowledge can be hugely valuable when seeking out new opportunities – not to mention the endless networking possibilities. My guest for this episode is Olivia Cook, a Transformational Success Coach and NLP Practitioner who runs a great podcast, The Empowered Woman – Badass & Unfiltered. She joins me on this episode of the Business Podcast Blueprint Show to talk about podcasting for your business, her experiences podcasting during the pandemic, and an interesting strategy for optimizing your content creation around your menstrual cycle. 

We’re discussing:

  • A business-podcast relationship: Olivia reveals that her podcast helps her to expand her clientele, because of the kind of content she produces. Speaking with these high-level individuals provides an extra resource for learning about many different topics. 
  • Two-part booking: “I like to build relationships with people,” she says. Olivia prefers to give her audience authentic conversation, and enjoys getting to really know her guests in preparation for the podcast episode. 
  • How podcasts affect public speaking: Olivia does her own editing, allowing her to recognise her weaknesses and work on them quickly. Having all of these insightful conversations with guests also helps her to further expand her market, equipping her with the ability to have something to say in post-pandemic interactions. 
  • Creating content around your menstrual cycle: Olivia batch-films content on her ovulation day, because that’s when you’re scientifically more attractive and possess greater creative energy. Tracking your cycle can help you out when running your business, allowing you to identify your best and worst days and schedule around them. 
  • Maintaining consistency with your releases: As a podcaster, knowing your why is crucial. It’s a big commitment that requires time investment, and you must allocate the necessary time to ensure that you are able to execute your ideas the way that you want to. Be honest with both yourself and your listeners, and find what works for you. 



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