Humans think and understand the world through stories and narratives. Creating those stories is one of the best ways to get our messages across effectively as podcasters. A few weeks ago, our client and long-time friend, Gini Dietrich of the Spin Sucks Podcast, released an episode about how to become a better storyteller. Spin Sucks is your one-stop shop for modern communications – an independent communications agency and a community for professional communicators. Gini shares compelling ways we can use storytelling in a professional context.



She also explores:

  • Some communicators paint a bad image for the PR industry as a whole. “[Most] of us don’t lie for a living,” Gini affirms. “There are some who [do]… and that’s what movies and media focus on. The rest of us are doing the real work.”
  • Bruce Harrison and his team were interviewed and said that they regret the work that they did, and had they not been young and naive, they never would have participated in the disinformation campaign against climate change.
  • When telling a story, experts carry great weight.



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