Starting a company podcast can be a solid strategy for improving brand awareness, but it shouldn’t be the only way you derive value from your show. Today’s guest has extensive experience in B2B marketing, and is here to offer his advice on making a podcast an integral part of your marketing strategy. Rob Stevenson joins me today, on the Business Podcast Blueprint show!  

We’re discussing:

  • What makes B2B podcasts different? Rob responds that funding is the main difference. Because B2B shows are often funded, they can contribute to a holistic content marketing strategy in a way that most other shows cannot. 
  • What you should know before starting a company show. Identifying your show’s purpose should be your first priority, because you can’t fix it if you don’t get it right early on. Also, your company CEO should not necessarily host the podcast. Rob clarifies that while it can work in some situations, the biggest thing to consider is your CEO’s availability to record. 
  • How sales teams can utilize podcast content. Due to the relationships that are created between hosts and featured guests, a podcaster can access an enterprise VP with greater ease than a salesperson. “You can succeed as a podcaster where sales can’t,” Rob says. However, it is crucial for the sales department to be on board with this strategy so they can follow up with these individuals. 


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Will a Podcast Work for Your Business?

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