This week’s guest, Desmond Dixon, is CEO of Remote Sales Manager, co-founder of Hubalz, and host of the Campfire Capitalism Podcast. Desmond is a world-traveling, sales team-building entrepreneur who loves connecting like-minded people together. Today, Desmond shares his story as we discuss how podcasting can help you network and build relationships and his strategy for having valuable conversations.

Tune in to hear Desmond and I explore:

  • Desmond created an internal team to help him with his podcast from the get-go. This experience taught him the true value of expertise: even though his team was effective, they could only do as well as he directed them to. 
  • Desmond let go of perfection and focused on going all in, he shares. Podcasting while traveling was difficult at first, but when he remembered that at its core podcasting is simply talking to people, the hardest part was easy to overcome. That hardest part, according to him, was getting guests. 
  • The secret to talking to people is being curious, Desmond claims. Being more curious about another person than you are about your inner world will allow you to have real conversations. 
  • One sure way to deepen and maintain relationships with your guests is to “be obsessed with them outside of the podcast,” according to Desmond. This involves getting them on other shows, introducing them to potential clients, and engaging with their content.

Question of the Week:

Q:  How do you follow up with your podcast guests?

A: One of the main reasons most businesses run podcasts is to establish and develop professional relationships. That means talking to people, of course, but that’s only the first step to make your podcast a really meaningful networking tool. The first follow up is easy: thank your guest for coming on your show, and share the podcast details. After that, it can be a little more difficult to decide how to continue building the relationship in a way that feels natural. 

Connect with them on all social media platforms and engage with their content. Be the kind of connection you want to have. Keep a running list of the people you’re building relationships with and periodically reach out with something they might find interesting or update them on something that you’ve talked about in the past or the episode that you recorded together.


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