I quite frequently swear that when this project is finished, I’m going to take a nice break and spend some time resting and reflecting. I’m generally a dirty liar, but not this year. This December, I’m doing my best to make an honest woman out of myself and spend more time reflecting and gently planning the next year. It’s not what I’d call easy, but I do suspect it’s going to be worthwhile. This is the last Business Podcast Blueprint episode of the season and the year, and I’m talking about how it’s gone and what’s going to happen next.



Tune in to hear me talk about:

  • One of the best ways to improve the quality of an interview is to restrict the length. This forces you to get more good content out in a shorter amount of time. The same thing applies to seasons as well!
  • I plan to make changes to my podcast workflow and cadence next year. The biggest change involves switching from an all interview format to weekly interviews or shorter seasons focused on specific topics. 
  • The Podcasting for Business Conference was a huge success! The content was amazing, brought by absolute experts in their spaces who brought their A-game. It nearly makes me burst with pride that we were able to assemble and put everything together for the attendees. 
  • Investing more in the grassroots style of marketing rather than the traditional affiliate-based advertising methods is something I’m going to be looking at doing next year.



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