In 2021, we developed the Business Podcast Blueprints: four high-level podcast archetypes that inform the different strategic decisions that need to be made about a new show.

  • Thought Leadership
  • Audience Engagement
  • Relationship Building
  • Content

In this episode, we’ll revisit the different blueprints and the ways you can leverage those types of podcasts in your company. We’re going deep into what metrics you can measure, how you can track them, and how you should optimize your show to reach your specific business goals.

Whether you’re starting a new show or you already have one, these blueprints will help your podcast become focused, highly trackable, and primed for success.

Tune in to learn about:

  • The four Business Podcast Blueprints: The Benefits and the Metrics
  • How to optimize your podcast content for specific objectives
  • Tracking and measuring your podcast metrics
  • Defining the key success metrics for your podcasts

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Key Quotes

“It’s important to think about your key success metrics now, so you can start refining your podcast content and promotional work to prioritize them.”

“Every episode can be a blog post with rich, optimized content on it—that’s giving you content on two channels for practically the price of one.”



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