Are you a podcaster looking to take your interview game to the next level? Look no further! In today’s episode, we’re diving deep into the world of guest management with podcasting expert, Jason Cercone. From booking guests to creating a comfortable environment for them, Jason shares his top tips for conducting engaging and informative interviews in this episode of the Business Podcast Blueprint Show. 

Jason Cercone is an expert in guest management, pitching, and building authority through podcast guesting. He started podcasting in 2015, took a break to study the art of communication, and came back to podcasting to help others launch their podcasts. He now helps people maximize the guesting side of things to build their brand and establish thought leadership in their niche. 


You’ll hear Jason and I talk about:

  • The initial outreach to guests should be simple and not overly salesy. Contact them by phone if it’s their preferred method of communication.
  • Hosts should create a warm and welcoming environment and ensure that the guest has a good microphone for high audio quality.
  • Provide your guests with clear expectations, topics, and questions before the recording. That way you’ll avoid surprises and ensure that everyone is on the same page.
  • During the call, actively listen and engage with your guest, show appreciation for their expertise, and encourage them to speak freely and openly.
  • After the call, follow up with your guest, share the episode’s publication schedule, and thank them for their time and contribution to the podcast.
  • A pre-call before recording a podcast episode can help establish a good rapport with the guest and ensure that they have the necessary equipment for recording.
  • Most podcasters benefit from some preparation for a show with a guest, such as looking at the guest’s social media profile or listening to them on other shows.
  • Sending a list of questions to the guest before recording can be helpful, don’t feed them questions that are too limiting or contrived.
  • A good host should be able to create compelling content that goes beyond surface-level questions and elicits an engaging response from the guest. This can help keep listeners invested in the show and lead to more engagement and growth.
  • The type of preparation and approach to hosting a podcast depends on your podcast’s main goal, whether it is relationship-building, audience engagement, or thought leadership.
  • Jason likes to gauge his guests’ level of show prep before the recording. He strives to have engaging conversations with his guests and gets them to the value as quickly as possible.
  • It’s important to have good audio quality during recordings. Turn off devices and notifications to prevent distractions.
  • Don’t neglect common courtesy items like arriving early, testing your mic, and ensuring a quiet recording environment.
  • Hosts should feel comfortable giving direction to guests on tech issues, such as adjusting their mic volume, to ensure the highest quality production.
  • Life happens, and sometimes unexpected issues arise during the recording process. It’s best to deal with it creatively and constructively.
  • To keep the conversation engaging and flowing, avoid sticking to a bullet-point list of questions. Rather, focus on active listening and allow the conversation to lead naturally.
  • After recording, building a relationship with the guest is crucial in maintaining the momentum of the show. Use LinkedIn, social media, and email to keep the conversation going, even after the show has gone live.
  • The value of a guest is not in the number of social media followers they have, but in the conversation they bring to the show. Shares are a bonus, but evergreen content and citations are more valuable.
  • Having a checklist or system in place to manage touchpoints and social media preferences with guests can help you build relationships more effectively.



“It’s all about the relationship with the person in front of you, not this audience they’ve built. That’s all something that can come into play down the road. But if you’re building that relationship with the person in front of you, that can lead to a number of opportunities before the interview even goes live.” – Jason Cercone

“…[make] sure that you’re asking those engaging questions and letting that organic conversation flow.” – Jason Cercone


“Your podcast is not for housekeeping. Your podcast is for bringing value to your listener. So the faster you can get them to the reason they showed up, the more likely they are to stay tuned in…” – Jason Cercone



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