The 3 C’s of Great Audio Performance

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Ever wonder what makes the great podcasts and youtube channels really great? There is a secret – and we’re going to share it.  Today, we’re talking about the Three C’s of great podcasts and video: Content, Charisma, and Connection.

  • Content is what your show is about and how it’s presented.
  • Charisma is the magnetism of the people in it.
  • Connection is the emotional attachment formed between you and your audience.

In a perfect world, you’d have all three. But to succeed, you only need to do two of the three really well. Let’s look at them.



Let’s start with content because, as you know, content is and will always be KING. Your content needs to have a reason for existing (that is relevant to the audience you want), a main focus, and a purpose it works toward. For example, generating new leads for your business.

There’s already tons of content out there in the world, so that means your content needs to be high quality, engaging, and consistent. And to do that, you need to ask yourself a few questions.

First, ask yourself WHY you are creating this piece of content. Does it fit into your overall business? What do you hope to accomplish with it? Where do you see it going eventually? You might want to build authority, start a conversation, build your network, or get new leads. And the ‘gut check’ question you should ask is, “With this get me closer to the goal I deem most important?”

Second, ask yourself whether your ideal audience will truly enjoy this content. And to do that, you need to know who you’re talking to. Naturally, everyone talks about the importance of niche, and many of those people truly overcomplicate it. A great place to start is to find a successful content creator with an engaged audience and say to yourself: There. That’s my niche. Then spend time being an engaged audience member so you can see how the content creator does her thing! Over time, you’ll refine your niche, but this is a great starting point.

Now, the FINAL question you need to ask yourself is this: What goals does my AUDIENCE have, and what type of content supports them in those goals? When you connect your own goals with your audience’s goals, you’re setting yourself up for a win.

When you identify these three things – your purpose, your audience, and the information your audience needs to help them help you achieve your goal – then coming up with content ideas becomes a simple matter of combining those three elements.



Let’s move on to the second C, Charisma. Have you noticed how some people have a natural magnetism that draws others in? That is charisma, and there are two types: natural and learned. Even if you aren’t born with it, you can learn it.

We call those born with charisma the Rockstars. And for those who learn charisma, they are the Wingmen. Just a side note – I prefer the Wingman type of charisma, so don’t be worried if you aren’t a rockstar. Let’s talk about the strength of each charisma type.

Rockstars are the main draw of the podcast. You listen to a rockstar content creator for the same reason you’d go to see a rock concert. Them just being them is enough.

Now, for the wingman, this is a quiet hero who excels at making other people look like Rockstars. For example, on a podcast, the guest becomes the center of the podcast in an interview format, and if a wingman does a solo episode, then he or she makes sure every piece of content lifts up the audience and helps them to achieve their goals.

Rather than being in the spotlight like the rockstar, the wingman is the one shining the spotlight. So figure out what you are – Rockstar or wingman, and plan your content around the strengths each type has.



The final C is Connection. People are often focused on the external markers of success for their content – downloads, social shares, mentions, and sponsorships. But equally, if not MORE important is the genuine, human connection you can develop with your audience. This is where fans become evangelists and begin to do the work of marketing FOR you.

They are the REASON you are podcasting, and it should be very, very easy for them to get in touch with you by email, on social media. You should ask them to engage with you, provide additional insights into your work and life, and generally, acknowledge that they are giving you their time and attention – and be appropriately grateful.

You want to try and create a place for your audience to belong, both while they are listening to you, and elsewhere on the internet. The people who really respond to you are going to want more ways to connect, and when you hold yourself away from or above your audience, they notice and will trade you in for someone more available.

There’s a second type of connection, and that is the connection you have with your guest posters, podcast and YouTube guests, etc… Otherwise known as networking. The experience they have with you can make or break a good, long term relationship with them.

[bctt tweet="In Podcasting, there are Rockstars, and there are Wingmen. Both are important, and both are awesome - but knowing which one you are is going to save you a lot of time and trouble."]

Before you create a piece of content together, keep in touch with the information you think would be valuable and allow them to chime in on what the content will be. Ultimately, that IS your decision because it’s YOUR audience, but be open. Also, make sure you do your homework on your guest so you can honor them properly. After the content is created, keep your guest in the loop on when it will air. And if you want to look like you’ve got your stuff together, send them swipe copy and make it easy for them to share the content, too.

Naturally, some guest content creators couldn’t care less about the extras. But for those who do, this will mean the world and will help cement strong networks.

Okay! So those are the 3 C’s – Content, Charisma, and Connection. Like I said – in a perfect world, you’d have all three. But you really only need to do two of the three really well to succeed.


Put it To Work

Want to use this theory?  Then take an honest look at the content you’ve been creating and see where you land in terms of the 3 Cs. Does it stand up to the ‘content is king’ statement? Do you come across as a rockstar or wingman? And are you working to build connection with your audience and guest creators?