Will a Podcast Work For Your Business?


Your business is unique – so is the role your podcast will play in it.

Will a Podcast Work For Your Business?

Not every business needs a podcast, and a podcast won’t work for every business. Learn how to evaluate if a podcast can help you achieve real goals, and drive your business forward, or if it would be a waste of your time and energy.

You’ll find out for sure – one way or another – after reading the ebook and completing the exercise inside of it!
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Company Podcasts Need to Meet Company Goals.

Find Out…


What podcasts *can* do

Because they’re not a 100% cure-all! They can be intensely valuable, but only if what they can do matches what YOU need. It always starts with your business goals.

How to make the choice strategically

Using the Business Podcast Blueprint Framework, you can determine in advance what success would look like for your show – and potect your investment in creating it.

How to level up

Levelling up means optimizing your show for multiple outcomes so that even if plan A doesn’t work as you hope, you’re going to get the value out of plan B and C with your podcast.


How to get some Help!

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