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You can be podcasting for your business for a lot of reasons. Establishing your brand as an authority. Keeping top of mind with your audience. Generating content to use on social and for your clients. Building and maintaining professional relationships. And that’s just scratching the surface.

And it’s hard to go it alone.

So join the team at Podcasting for Business, carefully selected guest experts with key skills to teach, and fellow podcasters and industry professionals to refine your skills, get new ideas, find new guests and opportunities and more.

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Turning Podcast Episodes Into Courses and Group Training Programs.

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Kachina Gosselin

Businesses need to get double and triple dute out of thier podcasts, and often that means thinking outside the box in terms of how we plan and repurpose content. One of the methods you might want to consider is turning the information you share on your podcast into products and services you can sell to your audience.   Join us to learn:

  • Enhancing existing content with podcast content
  • Deciding what content from your show can work in other contexts
  • Planning episodes to include content you want to repupose

After graduating from MIT with a degree in aeronautics & astronautics, Kachina Gosselin now specializes in helping experts monetize their expertise and thrive in the Creator Economy.

Her company, Founders Path helps expert coaches and consultants earn $100K+ with evergreen online courses. For authors, speakers and podcasters looking to launch digital products & services that scale. Build it once, sell it forever!

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When you register for our free strategy and networking calls, you’ll also receive access to the recorindgs of our earlier ones, like:


  • Hashtag Sets – how to research, organize and track the hashtags that will help you get your pdocast found no social media. 
  • Facebook Ads, where we look at the technology and strategy behind facebooks ads and how to use them to grow your podcast.
  • Advanced Metrics Tracking – how to decide what metrics are the most impactful to your podcast, and how to track them every month.
  • Social Media for Podcasts – how to create a sustainable and effective social media marketing strategy for your podcast.

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