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Strategy and Networking Calls: You’re In!

Thank you for Registering! You are offcially confirmed and invited t the monthly calls. We’ll be doing attendee hotseats, trainings, expert Q and A, networking and more. It’s going to be awesome.

Calls are on the 3rd Thursday of every month (except December this year – it will be on December 14th!)

We’ll be emailing you direct links to join the calls the day they happen, and you can add the next one to your calendar now.

Next Call:
Thursday February 15th 12:00pm Eastern

Next Call:

Turning Podcast Episodes Into Courses and Group Training Programs.

headshot of Kach

Kachina Gosselin

Businesses need to get double and triple duty out of their podcasts, and often that means thinking outside the box in terms of how we plan and repurpose content. One of the methods you might want to consider is turning the information you share on your podcast into products and services you can sell to your audience.   Join us to learn:

  • Enhancing existing content with podcast content
  • Deciding what content from your show can work in other contexts
  • Planning episodes to include content you want to repupose

After graduating from MIT with a degree in aeronautics & astronautics, Kachina Gosselin now specializes in helping experts monetize their expertise and thrive in the Creator Economy.

Her company, Founders Path helps expert coaches and consultants earn $100K+ with evergreen online courses. For authors, speakers and podcasters looking to launch digital products & services that scale. Build it once, sell it forever!

Previous Calls:

 Hashtag Sets

Social Media Expert Stephanie Huston believes  you should be using hashtags – but you need to make sure you’re using them correctly. That means research before and tracking forever. She covered why hashtags are so important, how to research the best ones for your business, and how to track your progress!

Click here to view the recording

    Facebook Ads

    Digital Marketing Consultant and Certified Facebook Ads Expert Stacy Reed joined us to provide a HUGE amount of information about how podcasters can use Facebook ads to grow their shows, and thier businesses.

    Click here to view the Recording

     Hashtag Usage on Social Media

    There have been some significant changes in how the different social media platforms are using and encouraging the use of hashtags.

    Click here to view the Recording

    Paid Podcast Promotion Options

    Even thought downloads are not the most important metric for the majority of business podcasts – they don’t hurt, and sometimes they’re important enough to invest in paid promotion.

    Click here to view the Recording

    The Most Useful Spreadsheet of All Time

    Do you wish your podcasting process had a little more organization? A well-formatted and integrated episode guide could be the answer!

    Click here to view the Recording

    May 18th: AI Assisted Podacsting with Audra Casino and Kinzie Hamilton

    Get real-time demonstrations of some of the most innovative new AI podacsting tools!

    Click here to view the Recording

    Podcast Marketing Trends with Jeremy Enns

    Jeremy Enns from the Podcast Marketing Academy joins us to dig into the data from his Podcast Marketing Trends Survey Results.

    Click here to view the Recording

    March 16th: Social Media for Podcasts.

    An interview and extesive Q and A with Cedar and Sage Media all about how to effectivle create a social media strategy for your podcast. 

    Click here to view the Recording

     The Data on Podcast Guesting.

    A deep dive interview with Tom Schwab of Interview Valet about the results of the 2023 State of Podacst Guesting Report.

    Click here to view the Recording

     All About Metrics.

    A short training on the different ways you can optimize your podcast to bring value to your business and how to track whether it’s working!

    Click here to view the Recording

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