There are a lot of really, really smart people in this industry and I rarely have an interview that I don’t learn something from. The single biggest benefit of having a podcast, in my opinion, is getting to know more of them.

Join me in the first official episode of the newly rebranded The Company Show (formerly The Business Podcast Blueprint Show), as I reflect on valuable lessons learned from industry experts from our previous season and our monthly strategy and networking calls.

Tune in to hear insights on:

  • The importance of having a process to connect and engage with guests between interviews.
  • The power of video SEO and why it should be prioritized alongside on-page SEO.
  • How social audio can have a significant impact on business.
  • Planning and conceiving effective podcast ads before recording is crucial.
  • The value of collaborating with others, and guesting on other shows within the podcasting community.
  • The importance of investing in top-quality audio and sending guests gifts like headsets to help improve audio quality and build relationships.
  • Creating a great podcast as a marketing activity, going beyond just getting the show out there.
  • Tips on optimizing social media reach by mastering algorithms with consistency, engagement, and relevant keywords.
  • Networking calls and one-on-one networking opportunities can provide valuable insights and connections in the podcasting industry.

Thank you for joining me on the very first episode of The Company Show. Stay tuned for the next episode with longtime friend, Tom Fox, where we’ll answer the question: should you have a podcast network?

Don’t forget to join us for our free monthly strategy calls on the third Thursday of every month! 


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