Imagine the possibilities if we could produce podcasts on demand with AI. There’s no doubt that human creativity will always play an important role when it comes to crafting engaging content, but new tools are helping podcasters overcome one major bottleneck: show notes and social copy from episodes themselves! This week’s guest, Karl Sona, has been working hard creating AI tools for podcasters – his company Streamlined Podcasts creates professional quality audio programs using AI. Karl is also the creator of the PodNotes service and hosts the Dear BLK CEO podcast which highlights underrepresented business owners who are scaling their companies by getting access to corporate contracts. We’re also talking about how you can measure your ROI from podcasts as well as the future of podcast technology.



Tune in to hear Karl and I explore:

  • The aim of a podcast is to provide useful information that is interesting and relevant. Many creators forget this crucial element in their content, which leads audiences away from their show quickly after listening!
  • Creating a podcast can be an economical way to attract your ideal clients. “If one out of 10 of those podcasts leads to business getting done,” Karl remarks. Furthermore, the content you produce is evergreen and can be used as a way to attract more clients or create positive referrals for your business.
  • PodNotes is a tool that helps podcasters generate show notes for their finished audio in minutes. With the click of your mouse, you can upload your podcast into PodNotes and get blog posts and social media captions on autopilot. If you’re not happy with the initial results, then just regenerate them yourself!
  • Karl believes that AI is an exceptional tool for content creators and writers who are looking to create quality work that is on time, and that meets the needs of their clients. It can also help us build better relationships with our audience members.
  • Karl posits that soon AI will help us make our content more personalized and relevant. By analyzing other content that our ideal customers are creating online as well as their demographic information, we will be able to create new marketing strategies that will be precisely targeted to them.


Question of the Week

Q: What’s the best way to improve my recording space with no budget?

A: There is a lot we can do to prevent sound from bouncing around in our recording studio, but one of the best solutions comes down largely to how you plan out your space. Make sure there’s plenty of soft furnishings including rugs or blankets placed strategically across flooring surfaces and propped up against furniture at corners where wall treatments may not be possible – this will help absorb vibrations when necessary! Another idea is to record in your closet – clothes make effective dampeners. If you can, get a package of base traps from Amazon or an acoustic treatment retailer: this one-time investment will pay off for years and increase your sound quality. Be sure to check out our episode, Getting Good Sound, for more advice.




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