To derive something valuable from your business podcast you must have a solid reason why you started. Today’s guest has extensive experience in marketing and is here to explain how he helps clients utilize podcasts to build their brand online and become the recognized authority in their field. Alastair McDermott joins me today, on the Business Podcast Blueprint show!

We’re discussing:

  • What does it mean to be the recognized authority? Alastair’s business and podcast are about guiding experts and consultants to become the recognized authority in their field. He explains that authority in your field is “recognition from people that you’re the go-to person on something – you’re an authority”.
  • What are the benefits of being an authority in your field? When you are seen as an authority, you can demand higher fees and choose your clients based on compatibility. Also, you have the liberty to change your business model and your clients will comply.  
  • How can you establish yourself as a recognized authority in your field? Alastair has some pillars that he recommends to people to build this authority:

Start a podcast. He explains that it is more about formulating ideas on the topic and sharing it with a wider audience. That allows you to  have recognition in your field.  

Choose the topic you want to be known for wisely; do extensive research on that topic and become specialized in it, to dominate that area.

To become the recognized authority, you must do constant research through interviews, surveys, observation, and reading – you must be continuously learning about your field. 

  • Authority marketing allows the sales process to be much smoother as clients will already be interested in your product or service because they trust you, since they listen to your podcast or watch your YouTube videos. 



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