Even though you shouldn’t be concerned if your podcast guests don’t share their episodes, you should still make sharing as efficient as possible so it’s easy for them to promote their episode if they choose to. Though preparing a guest swipe kit sounds simple enough, there are a lot of ways to get it wrong, and most shows often do. Find out how to make your guest-sharing materials sparkle in this episode of the Business Podcast Blueprint. 

We’re talking about:

  • Basic components of a guest swipe: “To easily share, a guest needs clarity and content.” 
  • “Reaching out to the guest and making sure they have everything they need is part of post-production, the same way editing the show or promoting it on your own social channels is.” 
  • How to create a good swipe file. 
  • “You don’t have to send a guest swipe … As the host of a show, your job is to be a gracious host.”


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Why your Guests Don’t Share Their Episodes

Guest Concierge Service (Scroll down just a little!)

Pod.Link – Use this to send an episode link that has all of the major podcatchers on it.

Guest Swipe Delivery Email Sample (Go ahead and swipe it! 😉 )

Subject: Your Episode of MY PODCAST.


Thank you again for joining me on MY PODCAST. I enjoyed our conversation – particularly your tip about [SPECIFIC CONTENT]. Your episode is live as of this morning, and it’s called TITLE OF THE PODCAST EPISODE. (If you are sending this in advance, provide the date it will be live.)

Here is the Blog post URL where the episode and notes can be found: [YOURSITEURL]

It’s also available on all of the main podcatchers.

Here is an easy link to share that includes most of the major players (Here, if you’re releasing on the day it’s live, you can share a pod.link – it’s super handy!)

I’ve included some text social shares for you below – you can use them as is if that’s convenient, or feel free to rewrite them so they work for you! I’ve also included the graphics and audiogram well be using to promote on our end, as well as an embed code, if you’d like to place it on your own site. 

I’d love to have you back on MY PODCAST again in the future! (This is also a nice place where you can invite them to join you for something else, share a resource you think they’ll find valuable, or let them know of something else fascinating you have going on.)




Social Shares:

  1. Short share as for twitter with LINK and #hashtag and @yourhandle.
  2. Another short share with LINK and #hashtag and @yourhandle.
  3. Longer share that touches on a few key points, maybe even a quotation. Something that would be more appropriate as an Instacaption or LinkedIn. Make sure you include your LINK and and @handles that are appropriate.

Then attach your graphic/multi-media shares.