Content repurposing is something that often gets backburned in the face of the zillion and one things you do every day, or it’s something you actively work into your workflows that doesn’t have the massive impact you might have been hoping for. A lot of us have been there.

And that’s because repurposing well is a lot harder than it looks on the box. My guest today, Jaclyn Schiff knows all about how challenging repurposing can be – and more importantly-  how to do it right. She is the CEO of Podreacher, a company that specializes in content transformation for B2B businesses. This is a great conversation so I hope you enjoy today’s episode of the Business Podcast Blueprint Show.

We talked about:

  • Show notes are a piece of content that straddle the line between technical and creative writing.
  • We don’t write the way we speak – despite the popular adage – it doesn’t really flow that way. The written word is different than spoken or filmed ones.
  • What is the insight you want to provide? Not just for a single piece of content – but over time? Let that thought guide your content creation and repurposing.
  • The weight of your ideas, the personality and the people on your team are what differentiates your business from others. 
  • Transcripts serve an important role – they make your podcast accessible – but they’re not really repurposing, and they’re not SEO.