What makes a podcast truly stand out? Many people believe that being as close to your authentic self as possible, without feeling phony, is the way to grow your business. Today’s guest has extensive experience in creative branding and marketing and is here to offer advice on how to authentically be yourself in your podcast, social accounts, and business. Sabrina Chevannes joins me today, on the Business Podcast Blueprint show.

We’re discussing:

  • What makes the No Bullshit Talks podcast so unique? Sabrina explains that she was tired of hearing podcasters ask the same ten questions over and over, so she decided to create a series of interviews where she asks her guests questions other hosts won’t dare to ask. The show is targeted to up and coming entrepreneurs and small business owners. 
  • What branding means in digital marketing. Over the years, branding has become a diluted version of its original self and most clients underestimate what it really is. Sabrina says that branding is not just the visual element of your business – it’s how people perceive your brand on an emotional level. It’s about making your customers loyal to your brand because they believe in the superiority of your product and your ideals as a company. 
  • How to have successful branding as a small business? Sabrina advises that when you’re just starting out, creating a brand means knowing who you are as a company and an individual. You have to determine your passion, mission, and vision, and what makes you stand out from your competitors. 



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