Podcasting for business involves a lot of tasks, information, and assets—requiring coordination with guests and team members. While it may be tempting to do everything on your own, it’s not efficient or practical.

And when you find that existing team members can’t handle certain tasks, outsourcing to third-party service providers, such as virtual assistants (VAs) or production houses should be at the top of your list of things to consider.

To help you navigate the exciting world of outsourcing, Kristy Yoder, the founder, and CEO of Smart VAs and host of the Master Delegator Podcast, joins us for an episode! Get ready for an in-depth exploration of task delegation and learn when you should start delegating podcast elements, what you should probably hand over, and how to ensure you’re doing it as efficiently as possible.

Consider this episode your definitive guide!

Tune in to learn about:

  • How to optimize and automate your internal podcast production processes
  • Effective podcast planning and task delegation strategies
  • How to outsource tasks for podcast creation and things to consider
  • The different hiring options for podcast production
  • How to maximize productivity through delegation
  • The value of delegating email tasks for podcasters

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Key Quotes

“If you want to save money and lower your overhead costs, I recommend that you hire a virtual assistant and try it first before considering hiring an in-house person.” – Kristy Yoder

“The better defined the task is and the better the steps you have for it, the easier it’s going to be to outsource.” – Megan Dougherty


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