There are many strategies you can employ to increase the reach of your show—cross promotions, episode swaps, paid traffic and ads, guest posting, being a podcast guest etc. But if you’re serious about growth and up for the challenge, going from a single show to a network can dramatically expand your reach.

On this week’s episode, The Compliance Evangelist, Tom Fox returns to answer the question: 

“Should you start your own podcast network?”

We cover all the benefits, strategies, and technicalities you should know. As the founder of the Compliance Podcast Network and the Texas Hill Country Podcast Network, Tom brings exciting insights into the challenges he faced and the successes he achieved.

If you’re considering creating your own network (or joining one), this is an episode that you shouldn’t miss!

Tune in to learn about:

  • The benefits of having a podcast network
  • The strategy and considerations for topic-based and geographically-based networks
  • The importance of choosing the right type of network based on the type of business the podcast supports
  • Maximizing local business success through niche marketing
  • The origin story and growth of the Compliance Podcast Network and the Rural Podcasters Network
  • Challenges faced in the early days of starting the network
  • Monetization methods for podcast networks


Thank you for joining us on this episode of The Company Show. Stay tuned for the next one with Kristy Yoder, the founder and CEO of Smart VAs. We’re talking about delegating to an external third-party service provider to help you grow your show.

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Key Quotes

“The people who do appreciate what I have is, they see my network as a distribution network.

I have the largest social media following in compliance and in the client space, if a company wants to get out their message of their product or their service, I’m the go-to guy to do it.” – Tom Fox

“The single greatest thing about having a podcast network is you get to talk to a lot of people. And you get to listen to other podcasts in your network.” – Tom Fox

“A podcast network allows you to create multiple shows in your topic area, possibly with additional hosts and for slightly different target markets or parts of your own demographic.” – Megan Dougherty

“Compliance space is largely made up of lawyers who are the most hidebound traditional conservative profession there is. So I had to beg, borrow, and usually pay people to come on my network.” – Tom Fox

“A network makes you a bigger player in the industry and gives you more resources to bring to the table when it comes to co-promotions and collaborations on content, sales events, and other opportunities as they come up.” – Megan Dougherty

“The great thing about podcasting is you are only limited by your imagination. So you can think of it, you can do it.” – Tom Fox



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