Do you ever wonder how other businesses are using podcasts to take action, make changes and see progress in their companies?

I wonder about that a lot. And happily, I am in a position to be able to talk to a lot of companies who run a show as part of their marketing and growth activities. I’ve started to connect with business owners around the world to talk about the specific outcomes their podcasts are generating – and getting all of the details to share with you.

These case studies are going to be available via newsletter – you can subscribe to it on the sidebar to to the right or at the bottom of this blog post. So you can get an idea of what you’re signing up for, however, we’ll be publishing some of the key facts and details publicly here on the blog.

Some case studies will be shorter, and some will be longer, but they will all have actionable ideas you can take into your own production.

Read on today to see a snapshot of what went into creating the Business Podcast Blueprint Show how we went from no podcast, to a small podcast that made a huge impact in terms of our professional relationships, and reputation in the industry. 

Cast Study Facts

Company: One Stone Creative Inc.

Podcast: The Business Podcast Blueprint Show

Social Media: Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn

Host: Megan Dougherty

Reason for Podcasting: Relationship Building and Thought Leadership

Challenges: Performance Anxiety as a Production Company

Show Format: Alternating Guest and Solo Episodes, weekly in seasons.

Pivots: Shorter seasons and moving to all-guests.

Biggest Benefit from Podcast: The Podcasting for Business Conference: 18 presenters, 100+ Guests. +200 subscribers to email list. Earned back production costs. 

Biggest Takeaway: Build your guest list strategically – and follow-up with value and opportunities for the people you get to know. 

Tools and Tech: Riverside, Calendly, Shure, Canva

Team Involved in Production: The One Stone Creative Team, with Cedar and Sage Media on Promotion

Why and How we Started the Business Podcast Blueprint Show

We decided to start the podcast on a seasonal basis, alternating guest conversations and solo episodes. Guest conversations as a mechanism to create those relationships, and solo episodes to get our IP out there.

The Business Podcast Blueprint show was launched in early 2021, and was designed as a Relationship Building show with a strong Audience Engagement features. After 4 years of producing podcasts for other people, it was well past the time we had one of our own, and there were a few things that we wanted to achieve with it:

  1. Create the professional relationships with other professionals and experts in the industry to become a better member of the community and grow our own network.
  2. Share the theories and strategies we’ve developed over the years, and also bring in new insight from other experts on topics we don’t have experience in for our audience, clients and community that we could not provide ourselves.

We’re about to be launching our third season of the show, and I’m even more excited about the possibilities.

Best Outcomes from Podcasting

There are so many benefits to running a podcast in support of a business. The consistent stream of content, the networking and opportunities that come from it. Ultimately, having a podcast has enabled us to:

  • Consistently network in a way that feels natural,
  • Establish fit for different projects and ideas before committing,
  • Create a brand new industry event that provided some of the highest quality insight and information I have ever seen,
  • Enhance our credibility as thought leaders and action-takers in the industry.

If it had not been for the podcast, I would not have had the relationships in the industry necessary to create an event of such high caliber, and that has created so many additional opportunities, like the Case Study Newsletter this post is celebrating, and the monthly Podcasting for Business Strategy and Networking hour we are hosting this year.

There is a lot more to this story: what percentage of the conference speakers were podcast guests? Just how small is the show in terms of downloads?How much does it cost, and what was the time investment? What was the biggest challenge in getting started? What are the most important takeaways we’ve learned from it all? You can find out immediately by joining the podcasting Podcasting for Business Case Studies Newsletter, and that’s just the beginning – we’ll be sending out new case studies on the 1st and 15th of every month!